salty healer

Hello I'm Mintiel. (People usually refer to me as Mint or Vi)
Late 20s, NB, Uses She/They, Southern California Latina (Mexican American)
I collect merch, write, draw from time to time, build custom rigs, and game.
100% FUB Free. Feel free to interact if I don't follow back.
Please do not repost my art or writing without my permission.
My art twitter is @arrivedercl & my personal is @ymtlovemail.
You're free to request to follow my Vent (@sardishin) or NSFW (@ymtfucker) privates but I am selective on follows there.
100% Straight up Yamato Oshi.

My friends, The crew, Squad UP Bois

Snow, the Cursed Being
Rami's 500 Roles Here
Murder Grandpa
Kimi Thinks About Winning
pizza time plays as Omori walks in the room
Champion of the Gaku Love Mail Squad, Ashley

Before You follow

Things To Keep In Mind
-I swear a lot. It's pretty unintentional but a really bad habit.
-Please don't use my dead name. If you met me under a different name, please refrain from calling me that. If I've asked you repeatedly and you insist on using that name, I will block you.
-Uh Big Anxiety.
-I don't always follow back. I'm ok with interaction, but please don't take it personally if I don't follow back right away.
-If you wanna see only my art, follow @arrivedercl. Just don't use my art without my permission. No headers, no icons, no edits, no reposts unless you've asked (And I reserve the right to say no)
-Recommended 18+ follow. Not really an NSFW thing but more of a maturity thing.
-I tweet a lot of jokes, and sometimes things can get borderline NSFW. It's not common. If something bothers you that I RTd tell me, I can keep an eye out to not RT/say those things in the future (This applies to everyone)
Do NOT Follow If
-You post anything Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Bigoted, etc.
-If you put kin posts on my writing/art. Kinning is fine but my art & writing are sometimes for specific people (if not for myself) and I ask that you please don't. I'd rather you request something instead, personally.
-If you guilt trip over merch
-If you avidly promote piracy/"lifting"
-Baseless female hate can leave. Fiction or non fiction just leave
-If you get into fandom drama a lot. It could be anything from ship drama to aggressive characlaim to minor nitpicks. If you're doing it constantly, please don't bring it here.

Game Info

Mabinogi: Alveris (Global Mari)
FFXIV: E'dahn Tia
EnSif: 377629324
i7: 703471224
GBF: 10902768
PSN: Ravenpersonas
Steam: /id/arrivedercl
Discord: ymt#1803


♥ IDOLiSH7 (♥♯♥ Yamato ♥♯♥)
♥ Love Live/Sunshine
♥ Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
♥ Final Fantasy
♥ Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Touken Ranbu
Tales of Series
Kingdom Hearts
Kantai Collection
Touhou Project
Granblue Fantasy
Fallout Series
Disney & Disney TsumTsum

I like a lot of other things but those are the main stay of what I like + anything cute
Prob don't want to ask me about music lol (Hint its a lot of doujin music, Metal, and Ayu lmao)

OTPS: YamaRiku, EliUmi, UmiKoto, YuRei, PhanLumi, Tarlach x Milletian, Estiyle, JinBaki.
I'm cool with p much any ships minus certain general no go topics & I'm up for discussion about pretty much anything as long as people are chill about it. I'm also a bit of a yumejo and ship a lot of Canon x OC. I rarely talk about this though.


My commission sheet:

Sketch Style:
Icons: 4 / Bust: 7 / Waist Up: 10 / Fullbody: 15
Lineart Style:
Icons: 5 / Bust: 8 / Waist Up: 14 / Fullbody: 20
Lineless Style:
Icons: 6 / Bust: 9 / Waist Up: 16 / Fullbody: 25

Will Do:
OCs, Canon, Player Characters
Light Ship Art
Other styles that I've used that aren't featured here

Will Not Do:
(I can't draw any of these, so I'm not the person you're looking for.)

Prices in USD
Payment via Paypal, Ko-fi, certain gift cards.
Contact me via DM on Twitter (@ymtlovemail) or Discord (ymt#1803)
Invoice will be sent after approval of initial sketch
Turnaround times will vary due to work & other projects.

Additional Charges will be based on the following:
Additional Characters
Complicated outfits & armor
Giftcard purchase